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DanesPass.com reinvents adult entertainment for real fans! For the first time ever, Dane Jones is offering you this special opportunity to access SIX of our sensually erotic websites with full download privileges from the most extensive library of HD videos anywhere! Dane creates adult video content for couples and female-friendly films, focusing on real pleasure, intimate moments, loving foreplay, passionate kissing, meaningful eye-contact, enthusiastic oral sex and genuine orgasms for the mutual pleasure of viewers who enjoy the emotional connection between their favorite people on screen. Now with Danes Pass, all the natural feminine beauty, romance, and sex-positive vibes of happy couples are yours to savor along with mouthwatering XXX 1080p HD videos for download and photo pictorials to ignite your imagination during every fantasy session. Get Your DanePass and feel the difference!

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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Give It To Me
Tour Video: Sandra is a gorgeous young girl with sparkling blue eyes, and she is new to our site! In this scene her beautiful gaze is planted firmly upon George. Her fantasy is to be taken in the arms of a more experienced, handsome man and to be fucked with abandon until she is quivering and shaking with the pleasure waves of post-orgasm bliss!

George always gets so excited when he is working with a girl who is genuinely into the scene, and this was no exception, he comes twice during sex with her! But guys, seriously, with a face like Sandra's and a beautiful natural body with such a tight, warm and wet pussy, who wouldn't come more than once!
  • Video Thumb1 Give It To Me
  • Video Thumb2 Give It To Me
  • Video Thumb3 Give It To Me
  • Video Thumb4 Give It To Me

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Tell Me
Tour Video: As they sit close together Gina and Lucy look tantalising with their smooth and sexy legs on display, presented perfectly by stockings on Gina and leg warmers on Lucy. Lucy has such a beautiful face that Gina is happy to just get close, touch it and absorb its delicate radiance. Gina slides her tongue slowly into Lucy's mouth and she meets it with hers, rolling it around the other and caressing Gina's wet lips. Gina pushes herself down on her partner's soft, youthful body and Lucy's large breasts make a welcoming pillow for her before she grinds herself back and forth on the teenage darling. Gina pulls Lucy's panties to one side so she can get to her puffy pussy and lick it wet, pushing her tongue deep inside the fatty walls of her labia. She locks her mouth over Lucy's pussy, pulling on her clitoris. By the time Gina slips her fingers inside and begins to work Lucy's g-spot whilst simultaneously rubbing on her clit Lucy is already highly stimulated and her breathing has become heavy and fast, she orgasms with Gina holding her close and the feeling is intense.
  • Video Thumb1 Tell Me
  • Video Thumb2 Tell Me
  • Video Thumb3 Tell Me
  • Video Thumb4 Tell Me

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Tracy on Holly
Tour Video: Oil dripped down Holly's beautiful body as Tracy concentrated her massage pads on all the right spots making Holly feel relaxed and horny all at the same time. After turning her over to continue the pleasurable treatment Tracy used her experienced hands to tantalize the most sensitive parts of Holly's athletic body, using large amounts of oil on her nipples and pussy area until both were glistening and fast becoming more welcoming by the second. These two gorgeous girls really enjoyed each otherís company as they kissed and caressed their seamless bodies until both ended up completely naked, and covered in massage oil. Tracy led the way and took great pleasure in helping Holly reach a powerful climax before she too succumbed and came at the mercy of Hollyís delicate touch.
  • Video Thumb1 Tracy on Holly
  • Video Thumb2 Tracy on Holly
  • Video Thumb3 Tracy on Holly
  • Video Thumb4 Tracy on Holly

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Can't Get Enough
Tour Video:  Taking in turns to kiss this beautiful woman, Steve and George have nothing but admiration for this goddess they are about make orgasm over and over again.
Both providing her with the ultimate fantasy of having two hard cocks to play with takes it in turns to suck each of them, making them groan in delight. Before long she's sucking and fucking to her hearts content.
  • Video Thumb1 Can't Get Enough
  • Video Thumb2 Can't Get Enough
  • Video Thumb3 Can't Get Enough
  • Video Thumb4 Can't Get Enough

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Kennedy Leigh
Tour Video: It is jarring to see Kennedy in person - that's how hot she is. She's the perfect embodiment of The Hottest Girl in High School. Her body looks amazing on camera and her blue eyes glow as she's sucking your cock. Even though she's only 18, Kennedy has experience, and she knew to give some love to my balls before moving on to the main event. Banging her missionary with her beautiful blonde hair splayed out across the floor was almost as awesome as flipping her around and pounding her juicy ass. Kennedy loves the dirty talk and I could barely keep the dam from bursting as she begged and begged me to fuck her harder. When I came all over her perfect face, she licked every last drop up with a smile.
  • Video Thumb1 Kennedy Leigh
  • Video Thumb2 Kennedy Leigh
  • Video Thumb3 Kennedy Leigh
  • Video Thumb4 Kennedy Leigh

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Two Become One
Tour Video:  Gina and Tracy have such fun sexual chemistry having created many scenes together previously. When Gina walks in with a handful of toys Tracy's eye light up at the thought of the orgasms they will be sharing.
It starts with a welcomed first for a scene by using a pussy pump, Tracy pumps away at Gina's clit resulting in some intense pleasure and a nice wet pussy.
Gina gives Tracy a choice of toys to be fucked with and she opts for a grooved strap on, bending her over and sliding it into her tight hole repeatedly before letting Tracy ride her so hard that her body quivers with orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Two Become One
  • Video Thumb2 Two Become One
  • Video Thumb3 Two Become One
  • Video Thumb4 Two Become One

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