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DanesPass.com reinvents adult entertainment for real fans! For the first time ever, Dane Jones is offering you this special opportunity to access SIX of our sensually erotic websites with full download privileges from the most extensive library of HD videos anywhere! Dane creates adult video content for couples and female-friendly films, focusing on real pleasure, intimate moments, loving foreplay, passionate kissing, meaningful eye-contact, enthusiastic oral sex and genuine orgasms for the mutual pleasure of viewers who enjoy the emotional connection between their favorite people on screen. Now with Danes Pass, all the natural feminine beauty, romance, and sex-positive vibes of happy couples are yours to savor along with mouthwatering XXX 1080p HD videos for download and photo pictorials to ignite your imagination during every fantasy session. Get Your DanePass and feel the difference!

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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Feeling You Come
Tour Video: Gina loves sex and really does satisfy a man completely, that lucky man today was Martin. 
Kissing him and teasing him to begin with getting his cock hard comes natural to our Gina, it isn't long before Martins raging length is being attended to by her mouth. He can't wait to fuck this sexy woman and the minute he slides inside the pleasure is easy to see.
  • Video Thumb1 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb2 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb3 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb4 Feeling You Come

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Sometimes
Tour Video: The only constant in the universe is change and that carries through to the realm of love to these sexy lesbian bodies just as surely as it does to heavenly celestial bodies as well. Suzie and Kat live in the present, because they are aware that even the most powerful pairings are only available Sometimes. Why waste emotional energy on the past or the future when life is always much more interesting right here and right now... A Lebea lesson lesbian lovers everywhere will enjoy!
  • Video Thumb1 Sometimes
  • Video Thumb2 Sometimes
  • Video Thumb3 Sometimes
  • Video Thumb4 Sometimes

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: George on Gabriela
Tour Video: Fresh teen breasts bounce up and down as Gabriela takes off her top in preparation for her massage from George, his hands are eager to feel this beautiful young body as it lays before him waiting for his manly touch. Oil soon drips down the small of her back and brushes up against her plump bum cheeks like the morning tide washing up on a paradise beach. Her sexy bum cheeks are too much for George and his hands can not help but slide between her legs, gently grazing past her young pussy lips as she bites her bottom lip in anticipation of what is to come. A squelching is heard, getting louder and louder as George's fingers rapidly thrust in and out of Gabriela's, pussy touching her G-spot on every stroke until we hear orgasmic gasps of pure ecstasy.
  • Video Thumb1 George on Gabriela
  • Video Thumb2 George on Gabriela
  • Video Thumb3 George on Gabriela
  • Video Thumb4 George on Gabriela

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Milk and Honey
Tour Video: Daisy is back in her bedroom, but this time she's with Lisa who absolutely insisted she get to do a scene with the amateur model.

Wow. You just have to watch it to feel it, the kissing, the motions, the feeling, it's incredible to watch it all unfold. There is something so naturally beautiful about this it's hard to put into words. It's just a sheer joy to watch two people enjoy each other so intimately and lasciviously.

Lisa is so eager she humps Daisy, she is all over her from beginning to end! Even after the girls have given each other orgasms they just continue to lay there hugging and kissing and we were lucky enough to have the camera rolling, quietly and unobtrusively shooting the them in this private after-sex moment.
  • Video Thumb1 Milk and Honey
  • Video Thumb2 Milk and Honey
  • Video Thumb3 Milk and Honey
  • Video Thumb4 Milk and Honey

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Tinslee Reagan
Tour Video:  Freckle-faced Tinslee comes over to the magic house desperately in need of some penis. She asked very politely for a long, thick one and that's exactly what she got: YOUR COCK! :)
After an amazing, extremely sloppy and moist blowjob session, Teagan climbs onto your cock and rides it back and forth, achieving female climax after climax. She asks you to wait before you cum though, she wants to mil your cock for all it's worth, and finally take every last drop of cum onto her pretty face.
  • Video Thumb1 Tinslee Reagan
  • Video Thumb2 Tinslee Reagan
  • Video Thumb3 Tinslee Reagan
  • Video Thumb4 Tinslee Reagan

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Into Me
Tour Video: Ava starts kissing Suzy, feeling her respond in such an excited manner turns both girls on even more. Tongues twirling and lips touching you can feel the chemistry between these two beautiful women. Removing their clothing and revealing their goddess like bodies, they explore further. Fingers delicately stroking and massaging their most intimate parts, tongues joining in and swirling around their sweetest spots. These girls cannot get enough of each other, Ava wants to give Suzy the ultimate pleasure, teasing her from behind before sliding deep inside her.
  • Video Thumb1 Into Me
  • Video Thumb2 Into Me
  • Video Thumb3 Into Me
  • Video Thumb4 Into Me

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