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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Young Couple In Love
Tour Video: Lola stars in this loving and affectionate scene with her real-life boyfriend Tommy. What an amazingly lucky guy he is to have such a gorgeous and sexy model girlfriend, they met on Facebook after he friend requested her and they struck up an online friendship! It's a modern-day fairytale come true!

He loves taking his time with Lola, she has such a fantastic, tight body and smooth, soft skin which just has to be appropriated! Lola arrives on our set and she is immaculate, she always takes a shower before moisturizing her beautiful skin and she smells so damn amazing by the time she is ready to work! Such a fine young woman must be patiently appreciated and worshiped before making love, and we love to see a girl get lots of foreplay to really get her aching for an orgasm. 

After getting hot and intimate together Lola orgasms with her boyfriend, her pussy is so wet and puffy with excitement, he can't hold back and comes deep inside her. She loves the feel of his pulsating orgasm inside her.
  • Video Thumb1 Young Couple In Love
  • Video Thumb2 Young Couple In Love
  • Video Thumb3 Young Couple In Love
  • Video Thumb4 Young Couple In Love

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: All I Need
Tour Video: Tess has been dreading this moment where she has to tell her girlfriend Pinky that she won't be coming back after her studies at university, she has to get a job and her own place in the city. The girls were already anxious about this big change as so many young couples are but they had avoided the subject up to this point. Tess explains that the reasons are all down to her mother's strict religious views; she cannot accept the fact that Tess is a lesbian but until now has been obliged to look after her own daughter for the greater good of the family. Now Tess is coming of age and moving out that has changed and she is on her own. Pinky is naturally baffled by these views but rather than be defeated she casually offers to move in with her and
  • Video Thumb1 All I Need
  • Video Thumb2 All I Need
  • Video Thumb3 All I Need
  • Video Thumb4 All I Need

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Lola on Eileen
Tour Video: Lola was a million miles away, sat reading whilst waiting for her next client, but she soon lit up when the mesmerisingly beautiful Eileen walked in. At 5 foot 10 inches and with a tight toned body and large natural breasts which would put any lingerie model to shame she really is a wonder. It didn't take Lola long to get Eileen de-robed and laying on the massage bed covered by only a small towel, she wasted no time in rubbing gloppy oil into her plump large breasts and amazonian like body, until she could not hold back any more and had to slowly slip her horny little fingers in and out of Eileen's by now very wet hole. Subsequently both girls ended up in a scissor position rubbing they pussies together until each exploded with deep orgasmic pleasure which was then sealed with a sensual kiss.
  • Video Thumb1 Lola on Eileen
  • Video Thumb2 Lola on Eileen
  • Video Thumb3 Lola on Eileen
  • Video Thumb4 Lola on Eileen

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Divorced and Dating
Tour Video: Vicky and Steve had a great date, and after some coffee back at her place, they naturally gravitated to the bedroom. Vicky was a little nervous, it was her first real date in a long time. Steve sensed this and thought they should take it slow, but Vicky had other ideas.
  • Video Thumb1 Divorced and Dating
  • Video Thumb2 Divorced and Dating
  • Video Thumb3 Divorced and Dating
  • Video Thumb4 Divorced and Dating

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Dani Jensen
Tour Video:  I'd wanted Dani for years after meeting her and being absolutely charmed by her bubbly personality, not to mention her stunning good looks. She is the embodiment of cute, a girl who just knows how to have fun. She seems so innocent and far younger than her 24 years, until she got my cock in her mouth and started deep throating me intensely. She's got one of the tightest pussies in the industry, and I struggled not to come as soon as I entered her. Luckily I think we both had a good ride, with her orgasming at least twice, her squeaky voice hitting new heights of ecstasy as she rode me...
  • Video Thumb1 Dani Jensen
  • Video Thumb2 Dani Jensen
  • Video Thumb3 Dani Jensen
  • Video Thumb4 Dani Jensen

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Taking Both
Tour Video: Nicole has always wanted to explore her ultimate fantasy of double penetration, never for a second did she expect Angelo would be the one to fulfill her wildest dreams. 

Angelo starts kissing her, touching every inch of her wonderful body and making his way down to her delicious pussy. He can feel her wetness she is excited and ready for him. Sliding the toy over his hard length he is ready to give her what she has always been waiting for. He gently slides both lengths deep inside her, her ultimate fantasy being fulfilled, he is making Nicole reach a new level of orgasm and it is so beautiful to watch.
  • Video Thumb1 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb2 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb3 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb4 Taking Both

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