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DanesPass.com reinvents adult entertainment for real fans! For the first time ever, Dane Jones is offering you this special opportunity to access SIX of our sensually erotic websites with full download privileges from the most extensive library of HD videos anywhere! Dane creates adult video content for couples and female-friendly films, focusing on real pleasure, intimate moments, loving foreplay, passionate kissing, meaningful eye-contact, enthusiastic oral sex and genuine orgasms for the mutual pleasure of viewers who enjoy the emotional connection between their favorite people on screen. Now with Danes Pass, all the natural feminine beauty, romance, and sex-positive vibes of happy couples are yours to savor along with mouthwatering XXX 1080p HD videos for download and photo pictorials to ignite your imagination during every fantasy session. Get Your DanePass and feel the difference!

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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Little Angel
Tour Video: This scene introduces a new model to our site by the name of Jessica. She is a very petite young model with the most amazing tight body and beautiful natural breasts! Jessica was a joy to work with too, she is a little bundle of fun, always smiling, and she was loving every moment of this sex scene with Tom.

Tom seems to have a permanent smile on his face throughout, he is just in awe of her fresh youthful beauty, and what a lucky man he is! His senses came alive here, her sprightly and alluring scent, the feel of her warm soft skin, the sounds of her moaning as he eats her pussy, she is just such a sexy little minx! 

It was such a glorious day outside that the couple got to enjoy being sensual and intimate with each other in a comfortable and private area next to a relaxing lake. Sit back and enjoy the romance as each of them enjoys blissful orgasms!
  • Video Thumb1 Little Angel
  • Video Thumb2 Little Angel
  • Video Thumb3 Little Angel
  • Video Thumb4 Little Angel

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Sunrise
Tour Video: We begin slow and sensual, the girls savouring a new dawn together. They hold hands, they let their fingers delicately cling to one another, feeling the reassuring sensation of intimate, non-sexual contact. Sucking tongues, they are allowing themselves to appreciate every individual part of each other and giving everything time to breath, not rushing in. After sucking on her beautiful plump and soft breasts Gina sits up on Eufrat's lap so she can cradle her, such an intimate position and they enjoy it for some time before things get even closer and they share a 69, a dedication to mutual pleasure which is hard to beat. Eufrat rides on Gina's thigh, rubbing her pussy and really feeling aroused and she sustains it for probably the longest we've ever seen on video. After all this a glass dildo is brought out and keeping in style with what has gone before, used in an intimate way. There is so much to enjoy in this epic scene, and it's only just the beginning of a beautiful affair!
  • Video Thumb1 Sunrise
  • Video Thumb2 Sunrise
  • Video Thumb3 Sunrise
  • Video Thumb4 Sunrise

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Tracy on Eufrat
Tour Video: Our new recruit Tracy was beaming with joy when she realised that her next client was the wonderful Eufrat, especially when she watched the beauty undressed and lay her soft sexy body on the table. Tracy was soon rubbing oil into Eufrat's sexy body to which she responded with giggles as the oil dripped on her ticklish feet. Tracy then massaged her ample breasts before slowly edging her oily fingers to Eufrat's juicy hole, penetrating with delicacy at first but soon thrusting her two fingers in and out of Eufrat's hole until she shuddered as she came all over them. Eufrat wanted to return the favour and she soon had Tracy on all fours, fingering her wet hole until she screamed and gyrated in orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Tracy on Eufrat
  • Video Thumb2 Tracy on Eufrat
  • Video Thumb3 Tracy on Eufrat
  • Video Thumb4 Tracy on Eufrat

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: The Affair
Tour Video:  It's hard to describe how horny Uma is, she's probably the biggest nympho we've ever worked with! Just so you know how passionate this couple got while working together - she had two orgasm during the photoset, and even squirted a little at one point! She just loves sex, it's as simple as that.

Uma is a mom of two and she is currently single, her own mother helps her take care of her children because Uma is actually a real-life professionally trained masseuse, she even features in new scenes over on our other site MassageRooms.com.

After this incredible and passion scene was finished we could tell there was a lasting chemistry between Steve and Uma, and in fact we later learned that he started seeing her in private for some naughty secret hook-ups!
  • Video Thumb1 The Affair
  • Video Thumb2 The Affair
  • Video Thumb3 The Affair
  • Video Thumb4 The Affair

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Gulliana Alexis
Tour Video:  Hereís a new one: before we began, Guilliana sat me down and made me agree to one condition for her scene - it needed to end with me busting all over her face. You donít need to tell me twice! Then she followed up by demanding that we bang in every position possible. She is a FREAK! Her hand was stroking my cock before the makeup artist even arrived and I was dying as I was waiting for her to get to her absolute best. She must have been dying too, cause she was insanely wet once we started fucking. From there I tossed her all around the room, fucked her in every way possible, until I obliged her first request, and came all over her face:)
  • Video Thumb1 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb2 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb3 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb4 Gulliana Alexis

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Taking Both
Tour Video: Nicole has always wanted to explore her ultimate fantasy of double penetration, never for a second did she expect Angelo would be the one to fulfill her wildest dreams. 

Angelo starts kissing her, touching every inch of her wonderful body and making his way down to her delicious pussy. He can feel her wetness she is excited and ready for him. Sliding the toy over his hard length he is ready to give her what she has always been waiting for. He gently slides both lengths deep inside her, her ultimate fantasy being fulfilled, he is making Nicole reach a new level of orgasm and it is so beautiful to watch.
  • Video Thumb1 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb2 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb3 Taking Both
  • Video Thumb4 Taking Both

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