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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: It Feels So Right
Tour Video: Sometimes Morgan just likes to sit in the bedroom chair and watch her love resting. So peaceful and calm, she always feels safe when he is around, partly because he is able to share time with her as if he didn't have any other cares in the world. Martin gets lost in her eyes, as if his business was a million miles away, and as they embrace each other, for that one moment everything in the world just feels so right. Like two stranded sweethearts alone in their own sexual universe, taking time out from everything else to enjoy each other as if nothing else matters - because when he is insider her, in truth, nothing else really does matter much by comparison.
  • Video Thumb1 It Feels So Right
  • Video Thumb2 It Feels So Right
  • Video Thumb3 It Feels So Right
  • Video Thumb4 It Feels So Right

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Heartbeats 3
Tour Video: Lola and Haven are two hot young babes exploring themselves sexually. Haven is a natural redhead and she looks absolutely divine next to the remarkably adorable Lola.

These two girls are incredibly desirable, their femininity radiates and watching them kissing and enjoying each other is sublime.

Their naked bodies wriggle and twitch around under the fingers and tongues of the other, the touches sending pleasure sensations through their bodies.
  • Video Thumb1 Heartbeats 3
  • Video Thumb2 Heartbeats 3
  • Video Thumb3 Heartbeats 3
  • Video Thumb4 Heartbeats 3

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Uma and Ken on Gina
Tour Video: Waiting for her next female client to arrive, Uma stands with her new protege Ken, keen to learn from her every move and willing to impress by doing whatever Uma desires. Their first client is the cute little Gina, no stranger to the massage table she had a big smile on her beautiful face which grew even bigger when she realised Ken was going to handle her too. Gina soon stripped off and laid bare and ready on the table, tingling with anticipation of expert hands being laid on her. Soon Uma and Ken worked away at her body until she could hold back no more and she ravenously took out Ken's very large cock and started sucking it off, whilst Uma paid special attention to her fresh young pussy, giving her a good licking and fingering. Ken's big cock soon found its way into Gina's hole and was pounding her until she screamed with joy and juiced all down it. This made Uma so horny she had to jump on it herself and get a good portion inside her, before Ken returned to Gina's slit which by the end was oozing with hot creamy cum.
  • Video Thumb1 Uma and Ken on Gina
  • Video Thumb2 Uma and Ken on Gina
  • Video Thumb3 Uma and Ken on Gina
  • Video Thumb4 Uma and Ken on Gina

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: When Lust Takes Over
Tour Video:  Lust is one of the most powerful of emotions that a person can experience and the lust between Adrianna and George is so incredible we feel lucky to of caught it on camera.
What started with Adriana horny waiting on the bed for George to walk in soon developed into plenty of passionate kissing before Adriana uses her favourite blow-job technique to get George ready to fuck her.
Fuck her he does, they enjoy mixing up their positions to ensure a variety of different pleasure sensations each position building their climax until finally they collapse together both completely satisfied.
  • Video Thumb1 When Lust Takes Over
  • Video Thumb2 When Lust Takes Over
  • Video Thumb3 When Lust Takes Over
  • Video Thumb4 When Lust Takes Over

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Gulliana Alexis
Tour Video:  Hereís a new one: before we began, Guilliana sat me down and made me agree to one condition for her scene - it needed to end with me busting all over her face. You donít need to tell me twice! Then she followed up by demanding that we bang in every position possible. She is a FREAK! Her hand was stroking my cock before the makeup artist even arrived and I was dying as I was waiting for her to get to her absolute best. She must have been dying too, cause she was insanely wet once we started fucking. From there I tossed her all around the room, fucked her in every way possible, until I obliged her first request, and came all over her face:)
  • Video Thumb1 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb2 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb3 Gulliana Alexis
  • Video Thumb4 Gulliana Alexis

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Take Me
Tour Video:  Gina starts by giving Eufrat a gentle foot massage before climbing on top of her kissing her passionately. Working her way back down Eufrats body stopping at her pussy using her hands and tongue combined to make Eufrat moan in delight. 
Eufrat returns the favour by wearing her strap on and bending Gina over, sliding it deep inside her tight pussy until we see Gina have one of her intense and incredible orgasms!
  • Video Thumb1 Take Me
  • Video Thumb2 Take Me
  • Video Thumb3 Take Me
  • Video Thumb4 Take Me

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