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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Where Are You Going
Tour Video: Experience pays off in this business so combining contract girl Gina with stallion George for another scene together was absolutely necessary. We know our Gina loves sucking cock and she loves nothing more than George's hard length, she sucks on it like it's her favourite lollipop at times taking it all into her mouth! She's hungry for his cum but George is after a taste of her pussy first. After plenty of orgasm filled foreplay Gina finally let's him slide deep inside her moist pussy fucking her hard until, after an incredible build up, they both get their release.
  • Video Thumb1 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb2 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb3 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb4 Where Are You Going

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Work Your Heart Out
Tour Video: Almost in slow motion they tease one another, delicately brushing their fingertips over skin they send tingles through each other and make the hairs stand up on end. Tracy is the first to slip her tongue in, Alyssa is still feeling her out and is less confident but Tracy is fast becoming a woman who knows what she wants from another. She continues to gently push herself on Tracy by lifting her top and revealing her small and pert breasts which she squeezes and then licks as she slides a hand inside Alyssa's panties. Soon Tracy sets up camp down at Alyssa's bush, sucking on her labia and clitoris as she fingers her intensely to a big orgasm, leaving Alyssa in ecstasy and trembling inside.
  • Video Thumb1 Work Your Heart Out
  • Video Thumb2 Work Your Heart Out
  • Video Thumb3 Work Your Heart Out
  • Video Thumb4 Work Your Heart Out

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Rita on Jay
Tour Video: Rita is one of our most popular therapists at the moment, Jay was very excited for his massage and couldn't wait to feel her small hands on his body. Rita warms him up by finding his pressure points and applying weight to them to relax his entire body. She then stretches him so his muscles feel light and loose. It's the perfect therapy to prepare his body for an orgasm.

Once she begins applying warm oils on his skin he instantly becomes rock hard. Rita is an expert at gently kneading and working both the shaft and balls, her finger tips lightly presses against his perineum (the area between his testicles and his anus). This stimulation give his a huge, intense orgasm as you will see from the amount he comes.
  • Video Thumb1 Rita on Jay
  • Video Thumb2 Rita on Jay
  • Video Thumb3 Rita on Jay
  • Video Thumb4 Rita on Jay

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Wine and Sex
Tour Video: Enjoying a glass of wine together like the friends they've become came as no shock to us, their flirting increasing with every sip, no surprise when they approached us and asked to get the cameras rolling.
Bara loves Steve's thick length and is only too happy to have her mouth wrapped around it bringing him to the brink of orgasm, before Steve explodes he bends this sexy woman over, grabbing her hair and fucking her nice and hard before leaving his lust dribbling out of her tight warm pussy.
  • Video Thumb1 Wine and Sex
  • Video Thumb2 Wine and Sex
  • Video Thumb3 Wine and Sex
  • Video Thumb4 Wine and Sex

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Cassandra Nix
Tour Video: Cassandra is gorgeous, tall, and leggy - the perfect supermodel specimen to ride your cock XXX style! To look at her you would never know that she loves porn-production; especially getting fingered in her ass while you are fucking her from behind. To add to that, she INSISTS that you cum inside of her because she very much enjoys feeling the warm semen drip out of her slowly, and then she feel obligated, and takes great joy in, tasting that cum.
  • Video Thumb1 Cassandra Nix
  • Video Thumb2 Cassandra Nix
  • Video Thumb3 Cassandra Nix
  • Video Thumb4 Cassandra Nix

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Pink Pleasure
Tour Video:  Tracy can't take her eyes off of Tess in her sexy pink lingerie, working her way down her body biting at her panties and then licking her pussy. Tess is so turned on by this incredible blonde that she returns the favour straight away teasing Tracy's erect nipples before sliding in their vibrating toy making Tracy shiver with intense orgasms. Of course these horny girls don't stop there, this scene has so many incredible orgasms I lost count!
  • Video Thumb1 Pink Pleasure
  • Video Thumb2 Pink Pleasure
  • Video Thumb3 Pink Pleasure
  • Video Thumb4 Pink Pleasure

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