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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: One Last Fling
Tour Video: Gina has provided us with many erotic scenes across our sites but today she gave us something a little bit special. Adeptly named one last fling, this being Gina's last filmed girl/boy scene she really did fuck like it was her last.
Plenty of cock sucking action to begin with ensuring Martin was as hard as a rock before climbing on top allowing her tight pussy to take his length, she grinds away her perfectly round ass moving back and forth taking her time to really enjoy the last cock action she'll have on screen.
  • Video Thumb1 One Last Fling
  • Video Thumb2 One Last Fling
  • Video Thumb3 One Last Fling
  • Video Thumb4 One Last Fling

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Follow Me
Tour Video: Very gently Alyssa strokes Luci, teasing the most delicate sensations out as her fingertips, her nails gently scrape across the surface of the skin and cause goosebumps. She rests her tongue on Luci's big soft lips before pulling up her top to see her beautiful breasts which among other adjectives could also be described as big and soft. As Luci lays on her back, Alyssa spreads the plump darling's legs open and begins to feel under the band of her panties before pulling them aside and dropping her saliva on Luci's clit, lubricating it ready for further stimulation. Once her pussy is wet enough for Alyssa to push two fingers inside and really work her, Luci's breathing gets heavy, her pulse quickening as Alyssa licks and fingers at the same time, gazing up into her eyes as she does so. When Alyssa climbs on Luci we get a chance to see her wonderful shapely figure, her toned bum that sticks out, Luci doesn't need to be asked twice to grab and squeeze it. Alyssa climbs up and sits on her Luci's face before Luci really tries to make her come, the more intense her orgasm gets, the more the bed legs creak.
  • Video Thumb1 Follow Me
  • Video Thumb2 Follow Me
  • Video Thumb3 Follow Me
  • Video Thumb4 Follow Me

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Gina on Lily
Tour Video: Gina in back in the Massage Rooms and more beautiful than ever. After a short sabbatical away to regain her energy, she is ready to pass along the gift of massage to her new client Lily. The rhythmic motion of her small strong hands and the pink nail polish on her ring fingers are mesmerizing to watch as she works the tension out of Lily with each hypnotic stroke. A gentle advance inside Lily's panties as Gina's talented oiled hands caress her pubic mound and everything becomes even more interesting. Gina is such a lithe paperweight beauty that Lily didn't even notice her climbing aboard until they had already gone too far to turn back!
  • Video Thumb1 Gina on Lily
  • Video Thumb2 Gina on Lily
  • Video Thumb3 Gina on Lily
  • Video Thumb4 Gina on Lily

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: New MOM Needs Help
Tour Video:  Tiffany ticks all the boxes for George, single mom check, experienced in the bedroom check and sexually deprived check. But George has a plan to fix the last one.
  • Video Thumb1 New MOM Needs Help
  • Video Thumb2 New MOM Needs Help
  • Video Thumb3 New MOM Needs Help
  • Video Thumb4 New MOM Needs Help

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Jessie Parker
Tour Video: Jessie arrived and she appeared to be such a sweet, young, innocent thing; little did I know that she was a chronic nymphomaniac with a deep desire to get both pounded hard as well as made love to slowly. This dichotomy also showed in her blowjob, which she started of extremely slow and sensual, but would then often change the pace up to deep and sloppy and fast, and then slow it back down again, take it out, and tease the head of my cock and my balls with her tongue. Her vagina was so tight it was almost virgin-like.  It was difficult at first to get all the way inside her because of this extreme tightness, luckily it wasn’t long before her juices started flowing and soaked my entire dick. She quivered softly as I ejaculated inside of her, savoring every drop of my semen with her tiny pussy.
  • Video Thumb1 Jessie Parker
  • Video Thumb2 Jessie Parker
  • Video Thumb3 Jessie Parker
  • Video Thumb4 Jessie Parker

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb:  Exquisite Motion
Tour Video:  Two beautiful women caressing each other's bodies, their tongues entering each other's mouths allowing the first sweet taste to be absorbed.
Tracy sliding Alexis legs open to taste the sweet nectar forming from her touch, two incredibly horny women after plenty of orgasms.
It's time for Alexis too return the favour, sliding on her favourite strap on and teasing Tracy with it, before bending her over and allowing it to penetrate her tight hole from behind.
  • Video Thumb1  Exquisite Motion
  • Video Thumb2  Exquisite Motion
  • Video Thumb3  Exquisite Motion
  • Video Thumb4  Exquisite Motion

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