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DanesPass.com reinvents adult entertainment for real fans! For the first time ever, Dane Jones is offering you this special opportunity to access SIX of our sensually erotic websites with full download privileges from the most extensive library of HD videos anywhere! Dane creates adult video content for couples and female-friendly films, focusing on real pleasure, intimate moments, loving foreplay, passionate kissing, meaningful eye-contact, enthusiastic oral sex and genuine orgasms for the mutual pleasure of viewers who enjoy the emotional connection between their favorite people on screen. Now with Danes Pass, all the natural feminine beauty, romance, and sex-positive vibes of happy couples are yours to savor along with mouthwatering XXX 1080p HD videos for download and photo pictorials to ignite your imagination during every fantasy session. Get Your DanePass and feel the difference!

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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Sunshine
Tour Video: Sunlight bathes the room in it's glowing warmth, Mia and Jan tease each other with gentle caresses and deep kisses. She takes his firm cock into her wet mouth and uses her plump lips and soft tongue to pleasure him. 

Jan kisses the young girl, he can taste the excitement in her mouth. Slipping her out of her shorts and removing her panties, he delicately teases her hairless vulva, her pussy exudes a delicious nectar, it's tightness relaxes as he slips a finger inside her but he can still feel it milking his digit. She needs something bigger, deeper, so she straddles him and positions his stiff dick so she can slide it inside her. It enters her fully.

After making love Jan can't hold onto his orgasm, she uses her hand and his come explodes over her in thick wads, she loves the feeling of making him come, of having his warm silky come on her skin.
  • Video Thumb1 Sunshine
  • Video Thumb2 Sunshine
  • Video Thumb3 Sunshine
  • Video Thumb4 Sunshine

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Wet
Tour Video: You've joined us just in time for our first ever foursome! Tracy, Eileen, Lily and Suzie soak up the wetness of the hot tub before savouring the wetness of each other. The girls pair off and kiss passionately, one eye always on the other pairing, beginning to size up what is on the cards for them. By some kind of unspoken mutual understanding it is Tracy who they go to work on first, Eileen licking her arse while Suzie buries her face in her sweetly tight snatch, Lily meanwhile enjoys the sights and sounds of this action as the girls take Tracy to an indulgent orgasm. Eileen gets a chance to enjoy the sensation of being fingered underwater, specifically as two other women nestle around her breasts. When the girls move from the tub to the floor it is to spread Lily out before all the girls get on their knees to worship her elegant body. Tracy kissing her deeply as Eileen plays with her boobs and Suzie again keenly eats her out, the air is filled with the sounds of licking and sucking as the girls feast upon her. Suzie humps Lily's crotch after her climax, the other's squeezing and groping her beautiful bum before they must make her cum too.
  • Video Thumb1 Wet
  • Video Thumb2 Wet
  • Video Thumb3 Wet
  • Video Thumb4 Wet

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Tracy on Brandy
Tour Video: After a slow, sensual and oily rub down which explored every part of Brandy's sexy light skinned body Tracy moved her young hands towards her young client's moist pussy, tenderly stroking and rubbing it until she felt it was ready for her to gently slip a finger inside and reach for that sensitive G-spot inside. It didn't take long for Tracy to find the magic spot and Brandy held onto her arm, her fingers inside as she came hard. It was from this moment that the two were locked together, ending with Tracy rubbing herself to a climax on her client's leg.
  • Video Thumb1 Tracy on Brandy
  • Video Thumb2 Tracy on Brandy
  • Video Thumb3 Tracy on Brandy
  • Video Thumb4 Tracy on Brandy

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Yearning
Tour Video:  As Steve caresses her ankles and gently removes her shoes, her slender feet drape over him as he takes in the full view of her beautiful body. Cindy can't help but feel the growing bulge in his trousers, she loves seeing how excited he gets at the sight of her. Steve can't get enough of her pretty little toes as he runs his tongue over them and closes his eyes in pure bliss while Cindy basks in the sensation. Her eyes roll back in ecstasy as Steve slips a finger inside her, revealing just how wet she is for him, her perfect opening silently whimpering for more. We adore seeing a woman so in tune with her body, Steve can't get enough of her taste and she is more than happy to lay back and let him sample her nectar. It's a beautiful moment as we see Cindy sensually filled with his cock, her body dances on him to the rhythm of lust, passion and desire until she simply can't hold back any longer.
  • Video Thumb1 Yearning
  • Video Thumb2 Yearning
  • Video Thumb3 Yearning
  • Video Thumb4 Yearning

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Stevie Shae
Tour Video: Stevie lives to please her man, which luckily today is you! She is all about cock-worship, and you can tell she genuinely LOVES your dick through her admiration, longing looks, and desirable actions. She just can't keep her hands and mouth away from the dick, after she strips completely naked for you.
  • Video Thumb1 Stevie Shae
  • Video Thumb2 Stevie Shae
  • Video Thumb3 Stevie Shae
  • Video Thumb4 Stevie Shae

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Devoted Touch
Tour Video: If Bella and Gina Devine look familiar, that's probably because you were dreaming about them last night. Soft wet kisses, slow hungry tongues and the taste of harvest peaches in the summer sun. Watch these lovely ladies learn and teach in a video that proves real sex can inspire you on a subconscious level to want more from your partner and from yourself. When a simple manual sex toy ends up insufficient for their needs, Bella brings out her favorite bright pink strap-on to save the day as these two darlings play the night away!
  • Video Thumb1 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb2 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb3 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb4 Devoted Touch

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