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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Girls Who Like Girls
Tour Video: Eufrat and Blue are girls who like girls. There is no pretense here, what you see in this scene is a pure, uninterrupted and honest sexual experience between two women who genuinely love intimate lesbian moments.

The physical and natural beauty of the two girls enhances the aesthetic quality of this scene, but the real beauty comes from the true emotional connection as the feelings flow through them. 

Watch how beautifully soft and sensual it begins, and how the kisses get deeper and the eye-contact more powerful. Both girls were wet before their panties came off, and in the more explicit close-ups we tried to capture this wetness flowing in their pussies, flowing in harmony with the beauty and energy of this female experience. 

To us there is nothing more beautiful than watching the movement's in a girls body and the expressions on her face as she reaches the ultimate climax that is the female orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Girls Who Like Girls
  • Video Thumb2 Girls Who Like Girls
  • Video Thumb3 Girls Who Like Girls
  • Video Thumb4 Girls Who Like Girls

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Be Mine
Tour Video: In the glow of a fading evening and in their underwear we start this scene plain and simple, nothing more is needed. Sensual kissing and some leg humping takes place early on, the girls are clearly highly aroused to begin with. Eileen hurries to Tracy's beautiful breasts; small, pert and perfectly formed, squeezing them firmly and enjoying how they fill her hand. The kissing soon becomes very passionate, lips smacking and tongues pushing hard against one another before Eileen goes down on Tracy's tight snatch. Eileen climbs on Tracy's leg, grinding away and the heat now generated between the girls is scorching, pressed against each other they kiss as if their lives depend on it. They roll around like this, one on top then the other, Eileen grabbing and smacking at Tracy's tight ass, the animal rising in her. Tracy sucks on Eileen's plump boobs again, squeezing them into torpedo shaped mounds. All of this makes Eileen very wet and she wants Tracy to feel it. Tracy fingers Eileen deeply, the girls still kissing and in constant close contact until she brings Eileen to a strong orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Be Mine
  • Video Thumb2 Be Mine
  • Video Thumb3 Be Mine
  • Video Thumb4 Be Mine

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: George on Sylvia
Tour Video: Many people presume because Sylvia is so stunning that her whole life if perfect in every way, but this of course it not true and more so in the sex department, men are intimidated by her and therefore she hardly has sex, so when George laid her down on his table and worked away at her sexy body we could see she was engulfed in the moment and was biting her lip with excitement. This drove George nuts, but he kept his cool and after giving her a great leg and bum rub he could not help but slowly edged his face towards her lovely little bum and pussy and started to lick away like the expert he is. Sylvia was so thrilled she couldn't help but let out a big smile and proceeded to push her bum hard into George's face. After she had cum all over George's mouth he turned her over and gave her a sensual breast rub by which time she was so turned on she undid his trousers and gave him a great hand and blow job, working the shaft like a girl who may never see a cock again. From this moment on the two of them were transfixed by each other and it all ended with a heavy load being shot up Sylvia's tight pussy.
  • Video Thumb1 George on Sylvia
  • Video Thumb2 George on Sylvia
  • Video Thumb3 George on Sylvia
  • Video Thumb4 George on Sylvia

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: In Their Prime
Tour Video:
  • Video Thumb1 In Their Prime
  • Video Thumb2 In Their Prime
  • Video Thumb3 In Their Prime
  • Video Thumb4 In Their Prime

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Gabriella Paltrova
Tour Video: Gabriella's innocent looks and tight little body put her in perfect juxtaposition to the sex freak that she is. She literally cannot ever get enough of it. She takes down your pants and swallows your member with a skill normally reserved for professionals, however this teen does it for the pure love and enjoyment of the sensuality.
  • Video Thumb1 Gabriella Paltrova
  • Video Thumb2 Gabriella Paltrova
  • Video Thumb3 Gabriella Paltrova
  • Video Thumb4 Gabriella Paltrova

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Devoted Touch
Tour Video: If Bella and Gina Devine look familiar, that's probably because you were dreaming about them last night. Soft wet kisses, slow hungry tongues and the taste of harvest peaches in the summer sun. Watch these lovely ladies learn and teach in a video that proves real sex can inspire you on a subconscious level to want more from your partner and from yourself. When a simple manual sex toy ends up insufficient for their needs, Bella brings out her favorite bright pink strap-on to save the day as these two darlings play the night away!
  • Video Thumb1 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb2 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb3 Devoted Touch
  • Video Thumb4 Devoted Touch

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