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DanesPass.com reinvents adult entertainment for real fans! For the first time ever, Dane Jones is offering you this special opportunity to access SIX of our sensually erotic websites with full download privileges from the most extensive library of HD videos anywhere! Dane creates adult video content for couples and female-friendly films, focusing on real pleasure, intimate moments, loving foreplay, passionate kissing, meaningful eye-contact, enthusiastic oral sex and genuine orgasms for the mutual pleasure of viewers who enjoy the emotional connection between their favorite people on screen. Now with Danes Pass, all the natural feminine beauty, romance, and sex-positive vibes of happy couples are yours to savor along with mouthwatering XXX 1080p HD videos for download and photo pictorials to ignite your imagination during every fantasy session. Get Your DanePass and feel the difference!

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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Feeling You Come
Tour Video: Gina loves sex and really does satisfy a man completely, that lucky man today was Martin. 
Kissing him and teasing him to begin with getting his cock hard comes natural to our Gina, it isn't long before Martins raging length is being attended to by her mouth. He can't wait to fuck this sexy woman and the minute he slides inside the pleasure is easy to see.
  • Video Thumb1 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb2 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb3 Feeling You Come
  • Video Thumb4 Feeling You Come

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Be Gentle With Me
Tour Video: New girl Lily really has beginner's luck, her first assignment is with the sensational and loving Ivy. Ivy seduces with her touch: gentle caresses, deep and sensual kissing, slowly playing with Lily's breasts, squeezing them before licking and sucking at the nipples, pulling on them and waking them up, all long before she considers undressing her. When Ivy does so, Lily allows her in, she is soft to Ivy's touch now, like clay in her hands and she enjoys Ivy rubbing on her pussy to stimulate it enough before slightly sliding a finger inside. Lily's breaths are becoming shorter and faster now as her sweet spot is opened up patiently. Ivy's tongue first touches Lily and she melts slightly at the touch. Ivy plays around, getting her partner's pussy wet, playing on the clit and then opening the lips before pushing her fingers inside. After Lily orgasms with Ivy's face attached to her opening Ivy mounts Lily's leg to pleasure herself, rubbing herself up and down and we can see her wet lips wrapping tightly around Lily's leg. It is time for Lily to deliver and she fingers Ivy, looking deep into her eyes to the soundtrack of her moans and her soppy wet pussy.
  • Video Thumb1 Be Gentle With Me
  • Video Thumb2 Be Gentle With Me
  • Video Thumb3 Be Gentle With Me
  • Video Thumb4 Be Gentle With Me

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: George on Angel
Tour Video: As George squeezed the biggest pair of breasts he had seen in a long time he was on cloud nine, he spent a lot longer than normal on these voluptuous knockers and made the most of every rub and squeeze, because he didn't know when he might see such a great pair again, it's not often you see such fine examples. The owner of these fine breasts was Angel the 22 year old blonde beauty from Bratislava who was as cheeky as she was pretty. She loved a chat and the two were enjoying each other's company and flirting wildly so it was no surprise that she soon found her mouth bulging with George's hard dick which is where the fun really started. Once on her back George slipped his fingers in her and made her squirt all over her legs and the table to the most amazing squelching sound.
  • Video Thumb1 George on Angel
  • Video Thumb2 George on Angel
  • Video Thumb3 George on Angel
  • Video Thumb4 George on Angel

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Still Got It
Tour Video: Silvia Lauren is an absolutely gorgeous 37-year-old hot mom! Beauty and experienced is an exciting combination and this is a super exciting scene. Silvia chose the muscular Zack as her younger lover for this scene, what a lucky boy he is, he could hardly believe his luck!

Silvia is such a natural, she was very horny because she'd spent the last few weeks taking care of her family, and her husband had been away a lot on business. He's a very open-minded and understanding man because he doesn't mind his wife making love on camera, as long as she is enjoying herself and as long as he gets to see the video!

At the end of this scene you'll realize just how much Zack has been holding back his come-shot, because when he finally ejaculates he comes hard and long, one blast of semen actually flies over her entire body and hits her in her pretty face! She is full of smiles though, it's exciting to see how hard she makes him orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Still Got It
  • Video Thumb2 Still Got It
  • Video Thumb3 Still Got It
  • Video Thumb4 Still Got It

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Cindy Starfall
Tour Video: Cindy immediately wanted to get down to business. No small talk. She immediately stripped down and wanted to know where to get started. I'll be honest - I worried she wasn't going to bring the sensuality, I was worried she wanted to get out of there quickly. But then as soon as we started getting started, I reached my hand beneath her underwear and felt how wet she was. She told me that she was horny as hell, had been touching herself on the car ride over and immediately took control of the situation, using me in every which way possible until she squirted all over the place. Afterward, it was as if she'd eaten after being ravenously hungry, and we hung out for hours playing xbox like old friends.
  • Video Thumb1 Cindy Starfall
  • Video Thumb2 Cindy Starfall
  • Video Thumb3 Cindy Starfall
  • Video Thumb4 Cindy Starfall

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Angelic Connection
Tour Video:  Passionate kissing between these two friends in sexy lingerie is just how they love their scenes to start, Gina quickly undoes her lingerie revealing a nice wet pussy for Tracy to play with. Both women dripping wet taking it in turns to satisfy one another with their collection of pleasure enhancing toys until Gina experiences a body-shaking orgasm from the deep penetration that Tracy is giving her. 
Two incredibly horny women that do not stop pleasuring each other until their pussies are dripping wet and their bodies exhausted.
  • Video Thumb1 Angelic Connection
  • Video Thumb2 Angelic Connection
  • Video Thumb3 Angelic Connection
  • Video Thumb4 Angelic Connection

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