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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: Come Around
Tour Video: Thomas works so often, running his own winery and keeping things going smoothly. He has been with Ivy quite a while but doesn't get the opportunity to Come Around nearly as often as he would like. The silver lining is that when these two lovers do get the chance to enjoy some time together, their passion overflows and drowns out everything else. You get the feeling they could be in a public park and wouldn't even know it as they focus so intently on each other and reach a point of sexual singularity together!
  • Video Thumb1 Come Around
  • Video Thumb2 Come Around
  • Video Thumb3 Come Around
  • Video Thumb4 Come Around

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: Wear You Out
Tour Video: We are very excited about new girl Tess, we think she is a real find! A beautiful young brunette with a stunning body and a really cool and enthusiastic attitude! What more can we ask for!

Brandy relishes the chance to be one of the first to take her in the bedroom and ravish her with loving and adoring kisses. Tess responds immediately, loving every moment and being able to totally let herself go in the scene, avoiding the temptation to just 'perform' and instead really getting into what she is doing. When the girls start behaving like there is no camera in the room, we know we're onto something!

Brandy is keen to eat pussy and she spends some time devouring Tess, but she wants to be face-to-face when the young girl has her orgasm so she moves into a spoon position and fingers her deeply until she reaches her climax.

Let us know what you think of Tess! We think you're going to love her!
  • Video Thumb1 Wear You Out
  • Video Thumb2 Wear You Out
  • Video Thumb3 Wear You Out
  • Video Thumb4 Wear You Out

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: Lola on Lily
Tour Video: Lola is without doubt one of our most experienced and well liked masseuses, she is incredibly cute with an amazing body and beautiful big brown eyes, which immediately make you feel relaxed and reassured that you are in good hands. Today it was the young 21 year old Lily's turn to feel what we can only describe as the Lola experience.  Lola begins the massage concentrating at lot on Lily's sexy legs and working away at her perfectly plump white bum before turning her over where she begins to massage her hairless tight 21 year old pussy, which soon enough had Lola's fingers slipping in and out of it to responsive groans and moans. Lily then turns over and pushes her sexy bum in the air and places her head down on the bed leaving herself to the mercy of Lola's experienced fingers which were soon once again penetrating this hairless young pussy, it wasn't long before Lily was reaching the height of ecstasy and grabbing hold of the sheets as she orgasms.
  • Video Thumb1 Lola on Lily
  • Video Thumb2 Lola on Lily
  • Video Thumb3 Lola on Lily
  • Video Thumb4 Lola on Lily

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Longing
Tour Video: Before the birth of her son 3 years ago Olivia had never had a sexual experience with another woman before. But she is now a seasoned pussy-eater, she loves the way women smell, the way they taste, and just the thought of eating pussy turns her on now.
  • Video Thumb1 Longing
  • Video Thumb2 Longing
  • Video Thumb3 Longing
  • Video Thumb4 Longing

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Rebecca Thomas
Tour Video:  Rebecca immediately charmed everyone in the office with her crazy Midwest accent. I was smitten with her immediately. She’s just one of those cute short girls to boot! Once she started moving that body I asked if she’d been a stripper - some people just know how to move against the brick wall. She hasn’t been, but she’s got a playful side - maybe she’s fibbing:) She sucked my cock like she was reading my mind - every time I thought to tell her to go for my balls, she was already there. Every time I thought to say “deep throat”, she was suddenly gagging. This girl knows how to fuck. She rode me like I was the last cock on earth and then slammed up against me when we were fucking from behind as if she were at the edge of a cliff. Please note that this is one of Rebecca’s first scenes - you won’t see her anywhere else! (except maybe in my bedroom)
  • Video Thumb1 Rebecca Thomas
  • Video Thumb2 Rebecca Thomas
  • Video Thumb3 Rebecca Thomas
  • Video Thumb4 Rebecca Thomas

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Bounded Touch
Tour Video:  A close up of the incredible Lola was the only way to start this scene, seeing her smile at someone off camera the anticipation builds until Gina can no longer resist and joins her on the bed. The girls spend time kissing their gorgeous bodies rubbing against one another before taking it in time to pleasure each other with their tongues. Gina sliding on her strap on and pulling down Lola's pantyhose ready to slide it into her tight hole. What an incredible scene from two of our favourite girls!
  • Video Thumb1 Bounded Touch
  • Video Thumb2 Bounded Touch
  • Video Thumb3 Bounded Touch
  • Video Thumb4 Bounded Touch

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