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Creative, couples-friendly erotica

Main Video Thumb: In The Mood
Tour Video: The best kind of sex is waking up next to a woman who just refuses to take YES for an answer. Lily makes it clear that she is in the mood as she kisses Martin sweetly, but even as he starts to sit up in response to her advances, she is quick to climb aboard to show him that she is ready to give the kind of effort in bed that has always make him feel like he is one of the luckiest men alive. From treating him to the paradise of her mouth, to their passionate thrusts and deep finish it's easy to see that when Lily is in the mood, she is capable of making anyone else want to join her right away.
  • Video Thumb1 In The Mood
  • Video Thumb2 In The Mood
  • Video Thumb3 In The Mood
  • Video Thumb4 In The Mood

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica

Main Video Thumb: How Will You Love Me
Tour Video: The scene opens with Gina savouring her more mature partner's form, stroking her legs intensely focused on the sensual pleasures she is about to enjoy. Gina looks fantastic in tight jeans, they accentuate her tight-as-a-drum-skin bum and they help display her youthful, naturally athletic physique as she rides on top, grinding on Joanne. Gina clearly has her own little fetishes when it comes to foreplay and one is clearly licking her partners, clearly she likes to let herself go. There is lots of very heated kissing, tongues are going wild exploring mouths and lips before Gina goes down on Joanne's pussy with the same intensity, lapping at it like a thirsty puppy dog, before sliding fingers in and not holding back until Joanne climaxes. Joanne pleasures Gina in a very hot 69, pulling and groping at her pert bum, enjoying it in her face.
  • Video Thumb1 How Will You Love Me
  • Video Thumb2 How Will You Love Me
  • Video Thumb3 How Will You Love Me
  • Video Thumb4 How Will You Love Me

Ultimate massage experience

Main Video Thumb: George on Zuzana
Tour Video: We were happy to see Zuzana visiting the Massage Rooms again and she was even happier that George, one of our most experienced masseuses was working when she did. He soon got her stripping down behind the partition and into a towel which he whisked away just as quickly whilst massaging her beautiful plump bottom as she lay on the table. After his trademark foot massage which he guarantees make girls horny he said he could feel Zuzana was being extremely responsive to his touch so he slowly slid a couple of fingers inside her already moist hole and massaged her internally which before long left her squelching and dripping wet. From that moment on the two just went for it and enjoyed a sexual frenzy which saw George exploding numerous times. I think it's safe to say Zuzana will be back for another treatment soon.
  • Video Thumb1 George on Zuzana
  • Video Thumb2 George on Zuzana
  • Video Thumb3 George on Zuzana
  • Video Thumb4 George on Zuzana

Mature hot women from around the world

Main Video Thumb: Her Plaything
Tour Video: When Julian turned up for a massage room on the day Uma happened to be working, she couldn't believe her luck. Stood before her was a hunky gentle giant waiting to have the experienced masseuse's sensual hands all over him. She calmly placed him on the table and with bubbling expectation and barely containing herself she began to massage his toned body, savouring every moment as she ran her hands over every part of his tanned torso. After a while she could not help but massage the one place she craved and before long the Adonis replied with equal enthusiasm and the two embarked on a sexual journey of epic proportions. Uma couldn't help but let herself go and forget about work as she played and rubbed Julian's hard cock before slipping her already wet leggings down and sliding her tight hairless pussy done his shaft. It didn't take long for Uma to be on her back and taking all Julian had to offer deep inside her soaking hole before an explosive orgasm to the point of squirting all over the table. It's safe to say this was Uma’s best day at work.
  • Video Thumb1 Her Plaything
  • Video Thumb2 Her Plaything
  • Video Thumb3 Her Plaything
  • Video Thumb4 Her Plaything

Stunning girls looking at you with love in their eyes

Main Video Thumb: Cameron Dee
Tour Video: Cameron slowly strips down for you, teasing you just a bit too long for you to handle it. She knows exactly what she is doing as she gases into your eyes to gauge your reaction when the clothes fall off. She next sweetly unbutton your pants and licks your balls and shaft, making you harder and hard until you can't take it anymore and she takes you deep down her throat. Next, she climbs on and rides your cock like a champion achieving orgasm after moist orgasm.
  • Video Thumb1 Cameron Dee
  • Video Thumb2 Cameron Dee
  • Video Thumb3 Cameron Dee
  • Video Thumb4 Cameron Dee

All kinds of hot, sensual strap-on sex

Main Video Thumb: Erogenous Zone
Tour Video: Bella and Chris both pride themselves on being open to anything once, today was no exception.
We couldn't turn the cameras on quick enough, they was already busy rolling around entwined with each other. Kissing intensely, a sense of urgency as they started removing each others clothing.

Bella can't get enough of Chris today and eagerly goes down to take his hard length in her mouth, but this is just not enough. She teases him by modelling her strap on, she looks incredible and so domineering. This is what Chris loves most about her, she lays him back and whilst playing with her sweet pussy slides the length inside him.
  • Video Thumb1 Erogenous Zone
  • Video Thumb2 Erogenous Zone
  • Video Thumb3 Erogenous Zone
  • Video Thumb4 Erogenous Zone

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